Well, I finally got around to painting my ATG50.  It has basically taken all weekend and I have been waiting for it to dry so I can get back to my crafting!  I have never done rub-ons or spray-painting really so this was quite the experiment.  I kinda messed up the paint when spraying the clear coat but it's barely noticeable with all those flowers!?  I know, I went a little crazy with them but I started sticking them on the frosted door and filling in the voids and then I realized I hadn't done the back side!?  Whoops!  I ended up using almost 2 sheets of rub-ons on this gun but I have a few left over to decorate my Expression!  The only advice I have if you're thinking of altering your gun is to be patient and allow plenty of dry time and don't hold the clear gloss can too close or it will melt the paint!  I thought it was pretty cool that the ATG50 was able to be taken completely apart except for the door.  I just couldn't get those little tabs out so I just masked it off??  Here is the picture of the gun taken apart before painting and masking:

And here it is after I painted a light shade of green (like sherbert, yum) and put the rub-ons all over:


♥Georgie♥ said…
That is beyond cute! I so wish i was crafty! that gene bypassed me in our family!
Marge said…
WOW, this may spark my enthusiasm to do something with mine now, Sheri! Very colorful & pretty!
Scrapping Cat said…
Sheri, what did an awesome job on it
Ms. Jen said…
This is so adorable! I can't wait to get mine in the mail now so I can do it up.

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