First-time blogging!

Ok, here we go!!! I have been meaning to set this up for a while, but things have been so hectic! I am going to try to post pictures of some of the cards I've been making recently. I just bought a Cricut Expression in May and I have NEVER scrapbooked or anything. I started making cards around Mother's Day. I have to admit I'm having fun seeing what I can create AND re-creating ideas others have posted (in my own way). I'm sure that some of the cards I will be displaying are not any new concept or anything...I mean, some of you out there have been at this for years! I have learned alot from others on their blogs so if you have any more tips for me, I'd accept them openly! Feel free to comment on my creations, but remember...I'm new at this!!!!


Anonymous said…
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
HI SHERI!!!!!!!!!1

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