Craft Room Office Chair Makeover

Well, I finally found some FUN fabric and covered one of my four chairs in my craft room! I showed a pic of the chair I took apart a few weeks ago in a previous post HERE. I needed to disassemble it so I could figure out how much fabric to buy and how I was going to put it all back together. This project really needs 2 people to attach the new fabric so one can hold taut and one can staple.... (My husband was a trooper!)

Here is the Before and After:

I bought these 4 dingy blue office chairs a couple years ago with 4 plastic & chrome stack chairs for $100 and have always wanted to cover them! They are really good chairs except the fabric is very worn and gross - LOL! When I am done covering them all, and finished with my craft room organization, I will take some pics of my craft room but I just wanted to share some progress on the chairs for now. I bought 4 yards of fabric (and this print wasn't cheap) for 1 yard per chair. I hope to make some valances for the windows too but just trying to complete this first! 

This fabric makes me smile!!!

*** UPDATED 3/18/2014 ***

Finally got ALL FOUR done! I am working on the rest of the room so I will have more posts and pictures as this project progresses.


Sarah said…
Oh wow, Sheri! How much more fun is that fabric!?!?!?! No way would I tackle that. Great job!
Sharon Johnson said…
Oh, that fabric makes me smile, too! It's gorgeous! And so YOU!!! Wonderful project. Can't wait to see the entire room.

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